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Off they go! 💭🧼

Alike last year, we have got ourselves on a little weekend team retreat in January. Why, you ask? During the weeks we find our minds very busy and focused on the operational things that we barely have time to think about the big picture of the project. Hence, we went out to Sintra mountains to find some inspiration. It was a hell of an energetic shot. We have gathered around a table and we have discussed personal and professional issues. We have created and analyzed different possible scenarios for the year that is ahead of us, we have aligned some ideas and we have drunk a lot of tea :) We had very good conclusions from those two all-hands days. Also, we were really motivated to work harder as we FINALLY have our soaps on the regulator's laboratory for stability testing. What does that mean? we will finally launch our product in 2 to 3 months. It has taken much more than we have initially expected. But we have learned that this is part of the journey, some are easier some require more persistence. For the upcoming months, you will see many new things happening around the project. We are taking the chance to refresh ourselves, start brand new. We can’t wait to share it with you!

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