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On and on with adjustments

As most of you know, we are on the bureaucraziness of the INFARMED process. It is not just about the certification itself but the whole preparation that (sometimes) drive us crazy. We have been for months on and off setting our space of production and product for this major step. And we tell you, it is not easy. First of all, we have to have all the basic conditions for the space to function, such as running water, electricity and Wifi (which was installed 2 providers after and on the 4th visit!). Then, all the basic authorisations of the Municipality (you may know how long this takes, plus the calls you have to make to be sure it is on process). Afterwards it comes the regulatory signposting, fire extinguishers, on and on, avoiding a disaster! This our samba right now :) So, what next? We have been working with Base Point Consulting Services on every little detail our lab has to comply with safety and hygienic rules. From storage of raw materials to final product, passing by the procedures of transport. It is a picky process, believe us! Once this is done, we will send our soaps (in our new packaging) to the INFARMED lab. There, they will be travelling to different atmospheric conditions, so that we are sure that they are safe to use (they are officially called stability tests). In that day, we will all join and CELEBRATE!! We will keep you posted! Thanks for being part of the journey

The Amal Soap team

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