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About Project Passa Sabi

It was two weeks ago that the first session of the new project in the social neighborhood Moinho das Rolas was held. Its name is Passa Sabi, which means “have fun” in Cape Verdian creole. The purpose of the project is to empower teenagers of Moinho by developing core values like respect, cooperation and ambition. These objectives took shape in weekly sessions of 1h30 where through fun dynamics these competencies are implicitly built up. The idea resembles much on the concept of “informal education” and the project is headed by Andreia Franzina, psychologist, and Duarte Correia, student and production director at Amal Soap, in a partnership with Associação Moinho em Movimento, the local association of the neighborhood. Both have had experience with this kind of activities, having done volunteering work in Cape Vert before, through the NGO GASTagus. Having become aware that also here, right next to our doors, there are crucial needs not being fulfilled, they decided to take action. Now every Monday you can find them making a difference from 18h30 to 20h00. To you reading, Passa Sabi!

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