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Team Series - Event at Rotterdam School of Management

Back in the days, during the last days of August we had the opportunity to challenge the executive students of the Rotterdam School of Management to help us out in some of our difficulties. It was an opportunity to use the experience and knowledge of people from several countries and backgrounds to solve some of our main issues.

During this event, we also had the opportunity to gather with other portuguese social entrepreneurs, which gave us a boost of energy! It is always inspiring to share the experiences, stories and struggles from working with social problems. It is so reassuring to know that there are also people out there trying to do their best, but that are also facing the same personal hurdles.This sense of community truly makes it easier. Besides getting our emotions up high, we also received a boost for the body with the delicious hummus and tabbouleh from the social project Mezze, a great example for us.

After a great meal together, we were led to the auditorium of the Centro de Inovação da Mouraria (which is super nice, by the way). There, under the freezing AC, each project made a brief presentation of themselves and choose two challenges to be discussed with the students. It was interesting to hear the problems of each project, given their phase of maturity and growth. We were definitely the “babies”, not only in terms of age but also in terms of project time and maturity. Bells rang and we had to be divided into small groups to choose a problem to work on for 30 minutes before the students presented their solutions for the group. It was great to see that there were such different opinions among groups, that led to very good conclusions and ideas in the end. Work with people from outside the project is very enriching, because sometimes we are very so concentrated in the day to day problems that we miss some parts of the big picture.

Afterall, we are very thankful for this opportunities, that was given to us by the Dutch Portuguese Chamber of Commerce!

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