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Back to Work!

After some vacations over the month of August, we are now back to work with our energy fully recovered :). In the beginning of the month, we had a team retreat at Casa do Cercal to re-think about what has been happening in the project and to define our next steps. It was a very cool and refreshing experience! Nonetheless, September was not meant only to think about the future. We went to ECO Cascais, an ecological market that took place in Jardim Marechal Carmona on the 15th and 16th of September, to show off some of our new scents. Benedita and Joana from Amal Soap, along with Irene from Bamstraw (a project that produces eco-friendly bambu straws employing Indonesian women) shared a little bit each project's journey. It was amazing to see that we have so much in common! We want to thank Eco Cascais for the opportunity to share our story and to get to know some really inspiring projects!

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