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So, you may be wondering... We have our own production space, we have been producing soaps and we got into an acceleration program. So, why are we not selling yet, you may ask? When we first started with the idea, in the Social Entrepreneurship course at Nova SBE, we had no clue about the cosmetics industry, and the struggles that we would be facing regarding its bureaucratics! Fast forward to recent days, we needed a physical space for the production. After some months we made a partnership with IPAV for a space in Porto Salvo! We also got financed to pay for the permits required by the regulator of cosmetics, Infarmed. Now, for the last few months we have been taking care of little details such as our book of laws and the permits for the city council to apply for the big Infarmed process ( the cosmetics regulator)! This is a very very short overview of our barriers lately! On the other hand, we have made amazing partnerships, we have improved our product’s process, we got in an acceleration program, participated in several interesting events and we have met wonderful people! The biggest thing we take from our (ad)venture is, definitely, that when problems come our way, we have to keep strong and deal with it, heads up and patiently! Perseverance is the key! Step by step, we'll make it! Afterall, we have to make the word of our project a reality in what we do, right? (note: Amal means hope in arabic!)

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