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Team Series - from Greece to Portugal by land

"Athens to Lisbon on a bicycle? Alone? You’re crazy!" And it has been like this since I arrived to Portugal in the end of December (still in time for Christmas!) from my 3 months trip, the biggest one yet.

Since the end of highschool I felt like doing something of this kind, to test my ability to survive alone in the world, between other reasons, a lot of them from the irrational realm.

It was sometime in the beginning of 2017 that I sneakily booked a flight to Athens and it was after a few months that I decided to tell my parents about the idea, who fulfilled their duty as parents and “fizeram-se a cabeça em água”, as I would say in portuguese, until the departing day, to try to convince me out of it.

As you can imagine, it’s impossible for me to resume something of this dimension to a dozen of paragraphs. Actually, right about now, I'm realising how much I want to write about the trip, from which I have shared, according to my super advanced engineering assessment, only about 7%.

It was difficult, dangerous and frightening. It was also a huge learning experience. I lived very special moments that are very different from the typical routine at home. I relish these memories. And for those that have this type of hunger for adventure, jump in! Troubles are for later.

I hope I will have more opportunities for me to tell you a little bit more of my adventure. In the meanwhile keep up with our blog in the website!

See you!


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