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Nova Creative Hub Soap Workshop

We also had a workshop given by Maysa and Amal, that happened at Incubadora Social Ubuntu, another partner of ours. Maysa and Amal put on their suits, gloves and glasses and gave a workshop to some members of the Creative Club from Nova SBE. And you know what? In this workshop, we had 7 different nationalities in the same room for a whole morning! It was amazing to see them all in action and to hear so many interesting stories!

Some testimonials:

"I think it's important to have first hand experience with social entrepreneurs, especially one that allows us to connect with refugees. It puts the issues in the forefront of our mind and makes us more passionate about making change."

"It's a great event to get to know the history behind the product, which is tremendously important! "

"It was really interesting listening to the story of Amal, of the co-founders and having the opportunity to see how is the process of making soap"

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