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A step closer!

Lately, we have been experiencing first-hand the meaning of the name of our project: Amal (hope). This has been our fuel, what gives us the motivation to keep going and overcome the challenges that have been thrown in our way. Fortunately enough, through perseverance and passion, today we are a big step closer to our goal of operationalizing the project and to spread soaplfulness everywhere!
In our next newsletter, we are planning to send out an invitation for you to see our new space and share, face to face, the work we have been doing for the last months. This space will allow us to certificate our product with INFARMED, thus, enabling us to sell the soap to you!
Thank you very much to all of you that have been giving us the energy (that sometimes goes down), the opportunities or other inputs that allowed us to get here!

/ Curious facts about cosmetics /

1. The word cosmetic comes from the Greek word Kosmos which means order or adornment
2. Back in the days, people would use makeup to scare their enemies, show a social status or to make magic
3. The eyeliner used by Egyptians and Bedouins was, in general, used to protect the eyes from sun and to prevent eye infections!
4. In the Victorian times, makeup would be used by stage actresses, working class women and prostitutes. Upper-class women would not use it
5. Before blush was invented, women used to pinch their cheeks to give them rosy cheeks
6. Europe has banned over half the cosmetics Americans use daily due to health risks
7. South Korean men use 21% of the world men’s cosmetics and makeup
Our skin is our largest organ! Let’s take good care of it!

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