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Amal is coming!

/ Getting ready /

This past weekend was time to clean and lift! Our team is super excited to share with you that we are working in progress to have our production and office space ready soon. This will allow us to have a community space and to finally produce and certificate our famous Amal Soap!

/ The origin of Soap /

The Aleppo soap is probably one of the oldest and continuous industries known as it recalls for the year of 700. Though, it has only arrived in Europe around 1090, carried along with other goods from Middle east, through the crusaders that have invaded Europe. Hence, during the period of Arabic domination, one of the many traditional customs knowledge that stayed was the olive oil soap – an ingredient that has been long attached to both Arabic and Mediterranean cultures.

Around the 14th century, the soap knowledge started to spread around Europe and a new industry was born in the city of Marseille, France. You might be familiar with this famous brownish solid soap. Also, in the Mediterranean region another soap was developed in the Greek island of Corfu, the Patounis soap. Although with their own particularities and mystical master, each soap followed the same kind of process, known as full boiled. Soap was seen as a badge of development of a nation as it shows the preoccupation with the sanitization and health. Until today, there are thousands of different soaps.

You just have to use your creativity and work on it 😊

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