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The Training begins

After finding out the final recipe, after a hard-working summer and many tests and "re-tests" we were able to have the " Eureka" moment! None of it would have been possible without the effort of our soap mixologists, the help of Dulce Mourato, from in love 4 soaps and a chemistry teacher - Ana Paula Soares dias.All the grams, percentages and drops felt perfectly in place.

And so, it was time for the recipe to be shared and for all the team to learn from it.

As good entrepreneurs and trying as hard as we could to do great things with little resources, we started to train in Duarte's garage :) . We had a lot of fun during this learning days, bounding and connecting with all the team. We can't wait to have our own space ( our biggest obstacle now) so we can share this experience with more people!

Our hands are into the soap and into the keyboards of the computer to spread the Amal word and idea so we can create impact wider and faster! Stay tuned

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