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Similar to laurel oil, olive oil is a common ingredient within the Mediterranean region. In its fresh green tint, we can find one of the most antioxidant ingredients used in cosmetics. Its natural fats are also an alternative for moisturizing, leaving the skin smoothly craving for more.


Another cleansing queen. Used in a wide range of products, its fatty acids will make you feel nourished. From the soap's cold process, you will be able to feel the foam revitalizing your skin, leaving it hydrated and firm.


Our most loved and needed resource. We are using distilled water in our soap, to have it as clear as possible.


Although this name might sound scary, is essential for the saponification of the soap. Without lye there is no soap, it is just a detergent. The soap comes from the chemical reaction happening between the oils and this ingredient. However, you won't find it in the finished product, as it will be chemically transformed into soap and glycerin. 


 As natural as it can be! 

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