"We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop"

 How did a group of young souls came up with the interaction between Syrian women, soaps and all the universe around this two words? 



Problem Found!

The first step!

During the winter break, Benny, our Management Octopus, met a Syrian family that was struggling with all the bureaucracies to restart their lives in Portugal. 

Benny met Michele and Lauranne in the Social Entrepreneurship class at Nova School of Business and Economics. The goal of the course was to tackle one societal problem, so they chose to help the refugees that were struggling in finding a job and integrating.



So we did it! The crowdfunding campaign was a success - we achieved our goal in just one week and a half! In this stage we got enough resources to start building everything!


Hands on!

Duarte and Pedro, our soap mixologists, joined the team and started to test and re-test to find the perfect recipe. It wasn't easy but the soap got absolutely perfect!



After presenting the project to the class, the feedback was very good and the team was really motivated! We couldn't stop there! We decided to participate in BET24 entrepreneurship contest, that had just opened a Social Challenge. We won the contest, but we needed to run a crowdfunding campaign to kick-off!



The team got bigger again, with Rita and Joana joining the team. Now, we are making everything we can to present the Amal Soap to you as fast as possible!

Stay tunned!

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