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November 28, 2018

It was two weeks ago that the first session of the new project in the social neighborhood Moinho das Rolas was held. Its name is Passa Sabi, which means “have fun” in Cape Verdian creole.

The purpose of the project is to empower teenagers of Moinho by developing core values like respect, cooperation and ambition. These objectives took shape in weekly sessions of 1h30 where through fun dynamics these competencies are implicitly built up.

The idea resembles much on the concept of “informal educa...

Back in the days, during the last days of August we had the opportunity to challenge the executive students of the Rotterdam School of Management to help us out in some of our difficulties. It was an opportunity to use the experience and knowledge of people from several countries and backgrounds to solve some of our main issues.

During this event, we also had the opportunity to gather with other portuguese social entrepreneurs, which gave us a boost of energy! It is always inspiring to share the...

September 5, 2018


"I am happy that you are all here, then I don't have to save the world by my own" Veronika said in our closing circle. She was one of the 20 participants on the Changemakers exchange last week in the Netherlands.

Actually, when I firstly enrolled on this event, I was not sure for what it was. I knew the organization Ashoka and I knew that the event would be about diversity and multiculturalism, but I did not know what format would it be.

Now, after an intense week of sharing and learning I...

June 25, 2018

"Athens to Lisbon on a bicycle? Alone? You’re crazy!" And it has been like this since I arrived to Portugal in the end of December (still in time for Christmas!) from my 3 months trip, the biggest one yet.

Since the end of highschool I felt like doing something of this kind, to test my ability to survive alone in the world, between other reasons, a lot of them from the irrational realm.

It was sometime in the beginning of 2017 that I sneakily booked a flight to Athens and it was after a few mont...

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